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Lotta Jumperskirt ❤ (Do you notice something strange at the hem?) 

So elegant 😍

I noticed they kept the double-heade push-me-pull-you Lotta in the design. XDDDD WTF IW.

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Wearing Moitié to attend the French Lolita Ambassador’s election ! Mila was ont of the three winners, I am so proud of her. See pictures of the event here !

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Walt Disney Animation Studios (Various, 2011-2013) - Bluray Slipcovers.

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"That is what I want for my people."

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So I properly watched The Breakfast Club finally and…I like the dance scene at the least ahahaa

That last one was really hard to do. I CAME CLOSE TO ANIMATING IT but animation is hard ….but I’ll keep it as something I might do later

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